Final Task for TEFL 1

A video-based final task for TEFL 1

Tasks to do:

  • Create a video for the duration of approximately 10-15 minutes within a group of four students.

Things to cover on the video

  • Name of the selected TEFL method
  • History of the selected TEFL method
  • Main goals of the TEFL method (e.g., grammar translation method focuses more on Grammar and reading skill; Direct method concern more speaking and listening)
  • Procedures of the method
  • An example of the teaching procedures (it may take around 10 minutes)

Below are the potential TEFL methodologies:

  • Grammar translation method
  • The Direct Method
  • Audio-lingual method
  • Community language learning
  • Suggestopedia
  • The silent way
  • Total physical response
  • Communicative language teaching (CLT)
  • Task-based language teaching Others
  • The PPP model (Presentation, practice, production)

Due date

The deadline is on Thursday 25th January 2018


The video is to be sent to email both [email protected],id and [email protected]

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